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Milk and Lavender Spa Collection

This bath collection is for mother and child.  Though lavender is said to be safe for small babies by most sources, I would not use this soap on children under one.  Both the soap and the salt should be used in the evening as they can be very relaxing.  Give your child their evening bath as you normally would, using this soap all over the body.  The milk in the soap will provide a little extra moisture for your child’s skin while the lavender will help to relax them into a smoother goodnight time.

Lavender and Milk Soap

Shea Butter Soap Base

Lavender Flowers

Powdered Milk

For this very simple recipe you must first determine how much you want to make.  I used about one and a half pounds of soap base, 1/8th of an ounce of lavender flowers and, around three tablespoons of powdered milk.  Next find a mold and prepare with mold release. (I use petroleum jelly.)  I use old plastic storage containers for molding my soap.  To melt the soap you will need a double boiler or the like.  A thick glass bowl in a pan of water will do.  Melt the soap.  When the soap is completely melted take off the heat and add the milk and lavender flowers.  I personally like to get clumps of milk that will rise to the top of the soap with the flowers, if you don’t want this to happen add the milk slowly.  Pour the soap into your prepared mold and allow to cool for several hours.  After your soap is cool take it out of the mold wipe off the mold release and cut.  

After you have managed to get the kids to bed and do all of the other motherly and household duties on your evening schedule, draw a nice hot bath.  Add a couple of tablespoons of this salt mixture to your tub and let it cool to a tolerable heat.  Jump in and lay there until the water gets cold if you wish.  I would suggest total emersion for at least 15 minutes.

Milk and Lavender Bath Salt

1Part Finely Ground Sea Salt

1Part Powdered Milk

2 Parts Epsom Salt

Lavender Flowers

Figure out the amount of bath salt you wish to make, and find a sealable container.  Mix all ingredients together and shake daily for one week before using.

Source: Barrington Back and Body