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Home Cleaning Tips to Start Off the New Year

Since I retired and my wife is still working, I have taken on many of the typical household cleaning duties. This article examines some great cleaning tips that I have discovered. Many of my readers already know these tips. However, there are some readers that will find these tips helpful.


If you use an automatic dishwasher, I have found that liquid soap works best. Yes, it might cost more. But, this is what I have discovered. The powdered soap many times will cake up and collect inside your washer. It doesn’t dissolve as well as the liquid does. For some reason the liquid tends to clean better and not leave a film either. If you haven’t tried the liquid, check it out for yourself.

Laundry Tips

1. Too much detergent, for dirty clothes, will only attract more dirt and fibers. always use the recommended amount.

2. Use chlorine bleach for 100 percent white cotton items. For blends use a oxygen bleach.

3. Towels, underwear and socks need to be cleaned in hot water to kill germs and bacteria.

4. Cold water will clean just as good as hot water will.

5. Air dry works as good as hot dry for clothes. I discovered this by accident. My dryer broke and all it would do is air dry by tumbling. It takes longer, but works just as well.

6. Faded blue jeans can be refreshed a bit by washing them with new blue jeans. The dye transfers from new to old.

Vacuuming and Dusting

I have found that vacuum cleaners spread dust. for a dust free home, vacuum first and then dust.


Vinegar can be used for cleaning just about anything. It is great for removing burnt food from a pan, cleaning toilet bowls and basins, windows and even floors.

Blinds and Curtains

1. Shut your blinds first and then remove dust. It is easier.

2. Curtains can be vacuumed with a hand wand Using a brush attachment works best.

Throw Rugs

A lot of people don’t pay close attention to floor rugs. They attract immediate dirt from the outside. This can be transferred to other places. Keep them clean. Place them before going into a home and just inside your doors for the best affect on collecting outside dirt.

Trash Cans

Keep the inside clean of debris. They can collect germs in a hurry. Use plastic liners that won’t break. They might cost more, but are worth it.

These are just some things that I have discovered since I have taken over the home chore duties.