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The Unique Benefits of Facial Acupuncture

It is only human to dream about looking beautiful inside and out, and we all want to achieve that. Our body is subjected to stress every now and then, so we need to take care of it. A lot of people have turned to some techniques and procedures to achieve overall wellness but little do they know that they have a few negative side effects. With facial acupuncture, you can surely achieve all these through the use of painless mini needles.

People wonder how facial acupuncture can help improve the wellness of the body. It actually involves a painless method that renews and revitalizes the skin of the face and the whole body. It also makes you look a few years younger by removing unwanted lines and eye bags. Facial acupuncture is also your choice to a pimple-free, soft, and smooth face.

To achieve all these results, tiny needles are placed in areas around the eyes, the face and the neck. These areas are called the acupuncture areas, and they stimulate your body’s natural energies. Once this is done, the results are visible along with an even facial color.

Facial acupuncture has a few contraindications that need to be followed. Pregnant women are not allowed to undergo this procedure as well as people who are suffering from cold or flu. People with acute herpes and allergic reactions should also avoid facial acupuncture.

Before you can undergo facial acupuncture, you need to be examined and evaluated by a professional acupuncturist. This includes asking a few questions about your age, lifestyle, and diet. If everything is alright, you are then allowed to undergo the process. Your first treatment usually consists of 12 to 15 treatments. If your skin still sags or your eyes still droop after a few treatments, you can request for more.

Facial acupuncture needs to be done for two consecutive weeks for about 45 minutes to an hour per session. If you are really busy and your schedule does not allow you to have two sessions in a week, you may talk to your acupuncturist and request for a once a week treatment that lasts for 90 minutes per session.

Follow-up treatments should be done every two weeks for the next two months after the regular sessions. After that, once-a-month sessions are done.

Most acupuncturists also use masks, poultices, and moisturizers to achieve the same results. Before using any of these, be sure to check with your doctor to make sure you have no allergic reactions to any of them.

Effects are usually seen after your first treatment. These are usually seen as a beautiful glow to the skin which most Chinese people refer to as “Qi”. The blood flow to the face increases and the pores open and the skin becomes more toned. The effects become more evident on the 7th treatment. You will now notice the improvements in your skin and the relaxed skin on your face.

After your first set of treatments, the results are complete, making you feel revitalized and younger. Your skin becomes free of wrinkles and becomes smooth and even toned.

Facial acupuncture can benefit you in a lot of ways. Find a professional acupuncturist who is experienced and who knows exactly what to do with your skin. You will soon notice the effects that will help you achieve your goal of becoming beautiful inside and out.

Is Personal Counseling for You? Are There Times it Won’t Work?

Alright, you read article after article about getting counseling or “therapy” as it is sometimes referred to. Most of us get a mental image of a couch and the ghost of Sigmund Freud with a notepad prying open our innermost thoughts. Further, many people think if you go to counseling ultimately it is bound to work.

The reason for this article is to tell you about the several times I was in therapy and why it didn’t work in hopes that if you choose therapy you can avoid certain pitfalls that I encountered.

I have manic depression. That is a chemical imbalance I have that was diagnosed at age 35. I am now 60-years-old.

It took a bit of time to get it under control and throughout that time I saw different counselors.

Following are some reasons why I had a problem with counseling:

Fear was the first problem I had. The counselor was actually good. He was about my age and he had a doctorate. He knew how to ask questions. He was friendly and non-threatening. As we moved through therapy the questions became more and more personal.

One evening while we were in a session he asked me a question and I suddenly felt as though I were at the precipice of a deep canyon. I felt if I answered the question “something bad” was going to happen.

I quit.

The next counselor I had started every sentence after one of my comments with “Well I would just do…” I was not interested in what he would do.

When people are having mental or emotional problems they throw up all kinds of roadblocks. I was no different. I lied.

If the counselor is not smart or savvy enough to catch on, then the therapy will fail.

However I believe the most frequent cause of failure in counseling is a basic difference in belief systems between the patient and the counselor. I know this was the situation in my case.

If you read my bio you will see that I am a Bible student. It will not shock you to find that I believe people should take responsibility for their behaviors and that certain things like adultery are wrong.

I had a counselor who kept telling me to “let myself off the hook” (not for adultery) rather than helping me find ways to improve unacceptable behaviors.

Having said all of this I think counseling is a good thing. Frankly I think talking to people you love and respect will do the most good for you. It has been proven that when we talk we actually learn from ourselves.

If you’re having a problem good luck. Don’t try to “go it alone.” You’d be surprised at how many people in your life if they knew you needed someone to talk to would love to help.

Too Much Intake of Fiber is Unhealthy

Many are being said about the benefits of fiber in our daily diet and although few are being discuss about the distressing adverse reactions that is actually the effect of consuming too much of it. Fiber also called roughage or bulk is found in vegetables, grass, grains and fruits. It is usually advised for irregular bowel motions to help regulate bowels. Though bulk is known for its advantages for aiding in lowering cholesterol, good for losing weight and managing glucose levels, it’s still possible to give health hazards when in taking too much or misusing it.

When we are not cautious of how much bulk we are taking in, we may probably experience the side effects such as:


One of the greatest gains of bulk is enhancing the pace of the food that goes throughout the intestinal system. On the other hand, boosting your roughage consumption too quickly, when your body system has not been given enough time to adapt, if too much water is consumed alongside with the additional amount of the said element, tendency will be the slimming of fluids in the intestinal system which can lead to diarrhea. The situation can turn into a serious issue if it lasts over a number of days, as useful liquids and nutritional value are being wasted and can no longer be absorbed by the body.

Stomach and Intestinal Pain

Suffering from distinct discomfort in the abdomen and intestine can be very unpleasant. It’s either due to water deficiency which slows the movement of food in the stomach, trapping gas with it. Same thing goes to intestinal cramping when it’s having a hard time breaking down fibers due to its quantity. The opposite of lack in water intake is over drinking with the added bulk resulting to diarrhea.


Another case of consuming roughage with lack of water can lead to constipation. The digestive system requires liquids for it to work properly. Same goes with roughage, it needs enough water to absorb to be able to speed up digestion. Not enough liquid can slow things up for your intestines as well as going to the toilet.

Abdominal Blockage

Worst thing that can happen when consuming large quantity of fiber without drinking the right amount of water can build up to a blockage in the intestine enabling food to pass through. This is a serious case that needs surgical operation.

Always remember that increasing roughage in your daily diet takes time for your body to adjust. The normal intake should be 20g to 30g a day and 50g is considered a lot. So be careful and be smarter when it comes to these things, it’s better to know how to use things to your advantage.

Source: Acupuncture Arlington

Why Should You Enlist a Life Coach?

Have you ever felt you could do more with your life? Have you ever thought you are under-appreciated? Is your career not moving along? Is your personal life dissatisfactory? Do you think you need a change in order to be successful in your personal and/or business life, in order to make your dreams come true, but just don’t know how to go about it? Then a life coach might be right for you. A life coach can work with you to achieve your dreams in life.

In many ways a life coach is like a sports coach. A sports coach works with an athlete in order to maximize his/her athletic ability. The sports coach analyzes the athlete’s current training behavior and athletic potential. He/she tailors a training and lifestyle program to the athletes needs in order to realize the athlete’s dream of success in the sports world.

Remember the movie “Hitch”? The main character was essentially a life coach, who taught men how to improve their relationships with women in order to get the dream girl. Similarly, a life coach can assist you in achieving your dreams.

The life coach and hypnotherapy Chicago will assist you in setting goals in your life and help you achieve them. Goals can be set in various aspects of your life such as a successful relationship and marriage, a successful career or career change, financial stability, and many more.