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Luxury Vehicle Towing Chicago – Chicago Towing

A lot of people who live in and around Chicago own and drive luxury vehicles on a daily basis, simply because this area of the country, including all of southern California hosts many rich and wealthy individuals who like driving luxury cars like Bentley, Rolls Royce, BMW, Mercedes and a whole array of luxury vehicles. But anyone who’s ever owned a luxury vehicle knows that they are many times very high maintenance and need work on them all the time. Just because they may have cost a bunch of money at the dealership doesn’t mean that your exempt from needing to be towed at some point, and luxury vehicle towing is a major part of what the Chicago Towing Company does on a regular basis.

It doesn’t matter who nice of a car or how different the body may be from other luxury vehicles because the Chicago Towing Company has the type of tow trucks that allow for all luxury vehicles to be safely towed away off the road and to a place where it can be worked on for their owner. It’s all just in a days work for people at the Chicago Towing Company, so it’s important to know that luxury vehicle towing is something you can count on us to do professionally and quickly.

So the next time you need a luxury vehicle towing service call the Chicago Towing Company and have your luxury car off the road and to wherever you want to take it that best suits you.

Home Cleaning Tips to Start Off the New Year

Since I retired and my wife is still working, I have taken on many of the typical household cleaning duties. This article examines some great cleaning tips that I have discovered. Many of my readers already know these tips. However, there are some readers that will find these tips helpful.


If you use an automatic dishwasher, I have found that liquid soap works best. Yes, it might cost more. But, this is what I have discovered. The powdered soap many times will cake up and collect inside your washer. It doesn’t dissolve as well as the liquid does. For some reason the liquid tends to clean better and not leave a film either. If you haven’t tried the liquid, check it out for yourself.

Laundry Tips

1. Too much detergent, for dirty clothes, will only attract more dirt and fibers. always use the recommended amount.

2. Use chlorine bleach for 100 percent white cotton items. For blends use a oxygen bleach.

3. Towels, underwear and socks need to be cleaned in hot water to kill germs and bacteria.

4. Cold water will clean just as good as hot water will.

5. Air dry works as good as hot dry for clothes. I discovered this by accident. My dryer broke and all it would do is air dry by tumbling. It takes longer, but works just as well.

6. Faded blue jeans can be refreshed a bit by washing them with new blue jeans. The dye transfers from new to old.

Vacuuming and Dusting

I have found that vacuum cleaners spread dust. for a dust free home, vacuum first and then dust.


Vinegar can be used for cleaning just about anything. It is great for removing burnt food from a pan, cleaning toilet bowls and basins, windows and even floors.

Blinds and Curtains

1. Shut your blinds first and then remove dust. It is easier.

2. Curtains can be vacuumed with a hand wand Using a brush attachment works best.

Throw Rugs

A lot of people don’t pay close attention to floor rugs. They attract immediate dirt from the outside. This can be transferred to other places. Keep them clean. Place them before going into a home and just inside your doors for the best affect on collecting outside dirt.

Trash Cans

Keep the inside clean of debris. They can collect germs in a hurry. Use plastic liners that won’t break. They might cost more, but are worth it.

These are just some things that I have discovered since I have taken over the home chore duties.

Too Much Intake of Fiber is Unhealthy

Many are being said about the benefits of fiber in our daily diet and although few are being discuss about the distressing adverse reactions that is actually the effect of consuming too much of it. Fiber also called roughage or bulk is found in vegetables, grass, grains and fruits. It is usually advised for irregular bowel motions to help regulate bowels. Though bulk is known for its advantages for aiding in lowering cholesterol, good for losing weight and managing glucose levels, it’s still possible to give health hazards when in taking too much or misusing it.

When we are not cautious of how much bulk we are taking in, we may probably experience the side effects such as:


One of the greatest gains of bulk is enhancing the pace of the food that goes throughout the intestinal system. On the other hand, boosting your roughage consumption too quickly, when your body system has not been given enough time to adapt, if too much water is consumed alongside with the additional amount of the said element, tendency will be the slimming of fluids in the intestinal system which can lead to diarrhea. The situation can turn into a serious issue if it lasts over a number of days, as useful liquids and nutritional value are being wasted and can no longer be absorbed by the body.

Stomach and Intestinal Pain

Suffering from distinct discomfort in the abdomen and intestine can be very unpleasant. It’s either due to water deficiency which slows the movement of food in the stomach, trapping gas with it. Same thing goes to intestinal cramping when it’s having a hard time breaking down fibers due to its quantity. The opposite of lack in water intake is over drinking with the added bulk resulting to diarrhea.


Another case of consuming roughage with lack of water can lead to constipation. The digestive system requires liquids for it to work properly. Same goes with roughage, it needs enough water to absorb to be able to speed up digestion. Not enough liquid can slow things up for your intestines as well as going to the toilet.

Abdominal Blockage

Worst thing that can happen when consuming large quantity of fiber without drinking the right amount of water can build up to a blockage in the intestine enabling food to pass through. This is a serious case that needs surgical operation.

Always remember that increasing roughage in your daily diet takes time for your body to adjust. The normal intake should be 20g to 30g a day and 50g is considered a lot. So be careful and be smarter when it comes to these things, it’s better to know how to use things to your advantage.

Source: Acupuncture Arlington

Why Should You Enlist a Life Coach?

Have you ever felt you could do more with your life? Have you ever thought you are under-appreciated? Is your career not moving along? Is your personal life dissatisfactory? Do you think you need a change in order to be successful in your personal and/or business life, in order to make your dreams come true, but just don’t know how to go about it? Then a life coach might be right for you. A life coach can work with you to achieve your dreams in life.

In many ways a life coach is like a sports coach. A sports coach works with an athlete in order to maximize his/her athletic ability. The sports coach analyzes the athlete’s current training behavior and athletic potential. He/she tailors a training and lifestyle program to the athletes needs in order to realize the athlete’s dream of success in the sports world.

Remember the movie “Hitch”? The main character was essentially a life coach, who taught men how to improve their relationships with women in order to get the dream girl. Similarly, a life coach can assist you in achieving your dreams.

The life coach and hypnotherapy Chicago will assist you in setting goals in your life and help you achieve them. Goals can be set in various aspects of your life such as a successful relationship and marriage, a successful career or career change, financial stability, and many more.